R&B true automation approach streamlines people, processes, and technologies in respective order. Solutions architecture is based on actual business requirements that allow to optimize processes, select, and implement appropriate software, while training employees. This unique practice saves costs and returns fast investments, while contributing to synergy of all company activities.

Unlike module based solutions (e.g. Finance, HR, Logistics, etc.), which can improve life of single department only, R&B method considers complete end-to-end processes, taking into account all integrations. Company processes become transparent and easy to drive with modern technologies. Thus, enterprise could be effectively managed via dashboards and control panels from mobile devices.



  1. Mostly, ERP systems incorporate best practices. This means the software reflects the vendor's interpretation of the most effective way to perform each business process. Systems only vary in how conveniently a customer can modify these practices. (source)
  2. However, how do big vendors know what is the Best Practice for running business processes of various enterprises? Indeed, it is impossible that “of the shelf tool” - Best Practice, can exactly meet all kind of business requirements everywhere in the world. Local specifics always must be considered along with actual business requirements and all integrations. Only then business can feel real improvements across all company.
  3. Contrary, relying on “best practice” or “guaranteed success”, magically programmed in software, leads to exaggerated expenses, overuse of resources, and to software vendor dependency. Official statistics increasingly reflects global best-practice-fraud, resulting in over than 80% of failed automation projects. In other words, independent professional advice is required to avoid frauds and risks, when implementing ERP software solution.
  4. Robertson & Blums’s unique approach to automation, unveils complete understanding of gaps between processes, people, and software, providing clear vision of required steps and expenses to optimize business, while decreasing possible costs and risks. As an outcome, R&B approach results in optimized processes and role-matrix-job-instructions, embraced with optimal software solution for accurate processing, management, and reporting. Having this set of tools on hand, business increases profitability and competitiveness.

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