Automation Assurance & Audit<
Automation Assurance & Audit<



According to PwC research, only 2.5% companies are satisfied with their business software implementation results and 75% of business and IT executives anticipate their software projects will fail. (source:) Usually, customer’s resources and budget are overused, project works delayed and business requirements underestimated, while automation effects and ROIs are not tangible.

Our independent Assurance & Audit guarantees project quality and streamlines processes, people, and technologies, while saving costs on implementation and maintenance. As a result, most of the risks determined on spot and all open issues discovered via fit-gap analysis of actual business requirements, processes, and implemented software. As a part of assurance, R&B provides solution roadmap, risks assessment, and required works local prices comparison.



  1. From one side, business doesn’t understand technologies while IT and software technicians have no clear understanding of business needs. Another fact is that almost all of consulting companies are highly dependent on particular software sales. Having to pay partnership quotations to system vendors and big salaries to employed experts, software companies stay disintegrated from actual customers’ interests and needs, primarily, oriented on constant sales of something.
  2. Assurance & Audit services help to effectively find out in current situation and successfully manage automation projects. By purchasing Assurance service, R&B experts, applying unique methodology, help to manage and lead all issues related to automation, including 3rd party management, internal staff training, and cost saving on works, licenses, and maintenance.
  3. Automation Audit is effective tool to identify gaps and develop action plan for improvements. Audit considers the most of business requirements and project risks, re-assures transparency and understanding, and leverages all resources to comply with strategic goals and needs. Therefore, audit results provide clear picture of what is the real situation and what exactly could be done in the most optimal and cost effective way to increase business effectiveness.
  4. To sum up, automation assurance & audit are one of the shortest and cost effective ways of edging automation projects to increase business effectiveness, transparency, and controlled. As a result, following information provided: as-is / to-be process diagrams, automation fit-gap analysis, solution roadmap, and market price comparison of required services.

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