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Following R&B approach to enterprise automation, projects are divided into several stages, each stage represents certain methodology converted into action plan. This helps to manage and Go Live projects successfully, avoiding risks, while saving investment costs. Below, standard automation project steps with respective outcomes are summarized in true order.

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-62% -28% +36%

Implementation of HR & Payroll resulted to

62% decrease of administrative costs

Business Automation Optimization in telecommunication sector brought

28% decrease of client´s treatment time

Complete Automation of Processes in bank sector led to

36 % increase of branches profitability

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Automation Project Steps

Automation Audit

performed for company overall, covering all business processes, cross integrations, software solutions, and correspondent IT infrastructure. Actual Business Requirements collected and comparative analysis carried out, Gap-List identified and assessed. Solution and optimization roadmaps developed and presented. Cost saving analysis carried out and considered in corporate automation strategy. Automation benefits addressed to company management as direct and indirect returns of investments. Possible project risks and bottlenecks estimated and directed via recommendations and action plan options.

Business automation

Project Core Team organized and engaged into all project tasks in order to learn subject on practice for further internal automation development and maintenance, as per business needs after Go-Live. Automation scope prioritized and reflected in project plans. Business Blue Print document prepared, integrated processes flows captured, described and optimized according to actual business requirements. Processes owners and participants segregated, trained, and provided with role based job-instructions.

Processes technological automation

After all processes are optimized, put into proper order, and personnel is well trained – it is the only right and matured time to embrace people and processes with appropriate ERP software. Therefore, in pursuance of PMI standards, system selected and system design document prepared, then, all technical works are carried out, managed, and quality re-assured. Business software tested, implemented, and Go-Lived. 1st Line maintenance and continuous improvements procedures organized and Customer’s personnel trained.

Automation assessment, maintenance, and continuous improvement

Complex automation benefits and returns on investments assessed and addressed to management, along with project cost saving analysis. Automation systems maintenance and processes continuous improvements procedures developed and implemented; Customer’s 1st line support team trained. Automation monitoring and management launched as 2nd Line Support services.



RESULT (first 12 months after project) OIL GAS TRANSPORT PRODUCTION
Costs accounting accuracy 30% 33% 27% 43%
Staff performance grow 53% 57% 47% 41%
Workflow errors & flaws reduction 61% 40% 65% 59%
Inventory turnover increase 25% 29% 30% 31%
Warehouse safety stocks decrease 40% 23% 25% 35%
Operational (OPEX) and managerial costs decrease 15% 19% 20% 17%
Closing period reduction 500% 490% 450% 600
Payables & Receivables debts cutting 12% 7% 10% 15%
Production period shortage 50% 45% 40% 50%
Documents manual preparation and follow up time narrowing 90% 85% 88% 93%
Administrative & Executive costs decrease 30% 25% 20% 35%
Reduced time for Budgeting 70% 65% 63% 70%
Increased managerial control & reduced people dependency 25% 23% 30% 30%

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