Automation potential and labour productivity after COVID-19: Facts&Trends

Workers in many countries are mostly worried about if in this time of the covid-19 pandemic automation and technology will cause labour-replacing. Recent research suggests that the deepening recession is likely to bring a surge of labour-replacing automation. But what’s the connection between recessions and automation? On the surface, the implacable infiltration of automation into the economy would seem to be a steady, longer-term trend rather than an immediate fact. Likewise, it might seem intuitive that any rise in unemployment in the coming months will make human labour relatively cheaper, thus slowing companies’ move to technology. As to who may be vulnerable to automation-related dislocation in the recession, the reach of technology may be wider this time round. As mentioned in the article below, the 2019 assessment of US automation trends suggests, that it’s likely that low-income workers, will be some of the most vulnerable. That’s because the epidemic and subsequent automation surge is likely to affect the most “routine” occupations—jobs in areas such as production, food service or transportation. What is the automation potential for various fields and what was the labor productivity growth? Details on the subject are widely described in the following link:


The Potential of ERP Amid a Pandemic

As we know, today the whole world is fighting against the global problem, COVID-19, which has negative impacts on the most of sectors. At the same time this lockdown period surely gives a new opportunities of developing ERP, automatization and work on remote access.


COVID:19 reshaping bank branches

In this COVID-19 world when movement is so restricted for so many, there is no doubt that remote banking will be seeing huge levels of growth. Those who had already adopted it are carrying on; those who are new to it are learning how to do it and finding that it’s surprisingly easy, simple and quick. In any case, most people won’t want to go to a branch even if they can as it means coming into proximity with others.


The Death of Supply Chain as You Know It

As recently published in the Harvard Business Review, an influential journal in the field of management, massive influx of digital technologies to supply chain management is changing fundamentally whole field – technology is replacing people in supply chain management. As a result, supply chain managers will need to shift their focus from managing people to designing and managing information and material flows.


Investment Rate in Tech Industry Heavy and Still Rising

Amazon and Google invest to research and development (R&D) of new technologies 65 bil. US dolars every year. This significant R&D budget of the two giant companies shows how fast the tech sector is developing and what rate of investment is needed to sustain  companies competitivness.


European Bank´s Project Succesfuly Finished

Our Prague office in collaboration with Ukraine office sucessfully implemented public procurement monitoring tool under the Prozzoro Poject for EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


Biggest Email Security Provider to Move to Prague

The world biggest provider of email security, Swiss company ProtonMail, is opening development centre in Prague. Czech Republic is the third country where the company has opened office, just after Switzerland and the USA. Present case affirms again that Prague becomes truly hub for high tech software companies, providing top-rate programmers and developers coupled with general good enviroment for alike entitiets.


Study: More than 68 percent of IT projects fails

According to study conducted by influential web platform TechRepublic, more than 68 percent of IT projects fails. 


Mutual Partnership With ADA University

Our company agreed on mutual cooperation with ADA University, with the main focus on the internship and educational programs.



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